Welcome to AIOS Proceedings

Dr. Arup Chakrabarti
Editor – Proceedings, AIOS

Dear Esteemed Colleagues

Greetings from the Desk of Editor Proceedings AIOS.

It was great meeting many of you at the Indore AIOC 2019.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Proceedings team was active in the background capturing the contents of active academic deliberations from the 17 halls. The Proceedings Team was engaged 24×7 conducting quality checks, data partitioning and archiving a total of 18 TB of captured data. Our IT team has done a commendable job on the raw footage received to enhance the audio and the video quality.

With a strong and robust process in place, we have been able to upload all the conference videos within two months from the conclusion of the conference.
We were also able to initiate communication with the AIOS members within one month from the date of conference. Mailers carrying scientific contents are well received and appreciated. This has given us enough zeal to work harder. We intent to disseminate information every week throughout the year. We have planned to share with you the highlights of the AIOS 2019 meeting in future emails. In fact, you would already have received a few capsules containing the life time achievement awards presentation, a few best videos and the Col Rangachari award paper. Many have written in appreciation of this continued effort from our side.

The proceedings website has been updated with the AIOC 2019 scientific contents as well as the archived contents of 2018 and 2017. These meeting contents are all there for you to view and cherish.

We continue to use WordPress as a platform for the “AIOS Proceedings” website. Like is 2018 we have uploaded High-Resolution videos which provide more clarity for viewers. The content has been segmented into ICs, FPs, E-Posters, Physical Posters, Film Festival, Invited talks, Hyde Park and Pre-Conference Sessions. For the convenience of the members, speaker wise videos have been uploaded. The viewers have the option of viewing only a particular topic of interest. Speaker wise filters are available for easy access. Predictive search/autosuggest has been implemented.
We have been working on the AIOC 2019 proceedings book which will carry in print the text of the best paper of the sessions (BPOS) and we are going to the press any time now. I would like to thank all the section editors who are trying their best to help us get the proceedings book ready.

In continuation of the AIOS “Go Green” drive – this AIOS Proceedings book will also be available to all AIOS members on the AIOS Website. However, hard copies will continue to be sent to those members who have not expressed their desire to stop receiving a hard copy as a response to the recent survey conducted by AIOS secretariat. The text of the rest of the free papers presented in AIOC 2019 will also be available in the website under appropriate category headings adding great value to the post meeting resource content.

I would also request you to add editorproceedings@gmail.com to your address book so that the educational mails from the Editor Proceedings land up directly to your inbox and not to the promotional or spam category.
May I also request you to update your current address, e-mail and cell phone number with AIOS by e-mailing to aiosoffice@aios.org. I would also encourage you to pass on this information to your friends and colleagues.

I will be getting in touch with you at frequent intervals for updates.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for any queries. Let all of us take AIOS to greater heights.

Best wishes
Yours Sincerely
Dr. Arup Chakrabarti

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