Welcome to AIOS Proceedings

Dr. Arup Chakrabarti
Editor – Proceedings, AIOS

Dear Friends

Greetings from the Desk of Editor Proceedings AIOS.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the brand-new AIOS Proceedings website has been live for quite some time which you probably would have already noticed. The website also includes the AIOC 2018 scientific contents that were made available to us by AIOS Office. Our IT team has done a commendable job on the raw footage received to enhance the audio and the video quality. These meeting contents are all there for you to view and cherish.

We continue to use WordPress as a platform for the AIOS proceedings website. For the first time, we have uploaded High-Resolution videos which provide more clarity for viewers. The content has been segmented into ICs, FPs, E-Posters, Physical Posters, Film Festival, Invited talks, Hyde Park and Pre-Conference Sessions. For the convenience of the members, speaker wise videos have been uploaded. The viewers have the option of viewing only a particular topic of interest. Speaker wise filters are available for easy access. Predictive search/autosuggest has been implemented. We are working on auto-generated tag cloud and related search term. A new Standard Recording Procedure will be in place very soon which the AV team of the future conferences will follow.

Many of you have communicated to me appreciating our efforts – Thank you very much you.

We have planned to share with you the highlights of the AIOS 2018 meeting in future emails. In fact, you would already have received a few capsules containing a few best videos and BPOS. Many have written in appreciating this new effort from our side.

We have already dispatched the AIOC 2018 proceedings book with the best paper of the sessions (BPOS) and if you have not received it as yet you will be getting it soon. I would like to thank all the section editors who were of utmost help to get the proceedings book ready.

We are looking forward to further tightening up the recording system during the AIOC 2019 to be able to bring to you an improved version next year. To that end the AIOS office has promised to extend all support and also invite the Proceedings Editor to participate in the decision-making process in the selection of the AV team for 2019.

I would also request you to add editorproceedings@aios.org to your address book so that the educational mails from the Editor Proceedings land up directly to your inbox and not to the promotional or spam category.

Please revert to me with suggestion if any.

Best wishes