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From the Desk of Editor Proceedings

Dear Esteemed Colleagues

Greetings from the Desk of Editor Proceedings (EP) AIOS

It was great meeting many of you at the Gurugram AIOC 2020. I would like to thank you for re-electing me to the post of Editor Proceedings for the second term (2020 to

2022). We are all moving through difficult times due to the COVID 19 global pandemic and we are coping with the reality of getting used to the New Normal in all facets of our existence. This has also brought about a few changes in the functioning of the wing.

We, at the EP office have been busy with our proceedings work right from the memorable AIOS meeting in Gurugram and in this address I plan to apprise you of the activities of the EP Wing of AIOS.

Proceedings Website
As you know the Proceedings Website has taken on a new format and become more vibrant from the last term onward. It contains all Invited Talks, Instruction Courses, the Pre conference Sessions, the Free paper Sessions, the Video Session, and all the non-podium presentations including the e-posters and videos. The submitted texts of the free papers are also uploaded in the proceedings website.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Proceedings team was active in the background as the Scientific Sessions were happening simultaneously in as many as 18 Halls in Gurugram. A double camera recording facility (which enables a picture-in-picture format in the recording) was in place in most of the larger halls with 300 plus sitting capacity. The rest of the smaller rooms had a single camera recording feature and we have captured the power-points which will have synchronised audio. I had already prepared a list of do’s and do not’s and a check-list to enhance the video capture quality which has been shared and meticulously discussed with the audio visual team. But I’m sure that the AIOS appointed A-V team should perform even better in the years to come.  About 22 TB of videos were processed and 2986 videos were uploaded into YouTube.

Our IT team has done a commendable job on the raw footage received to enhance the audio and the video quality.

With a strong and robust process in place, we have been able to upload all the available conference videos within two months from the last date of the conference and this was achieved despite numerous restrictions in operations due the COVID 19 pandemic.

We continue to use WordPress as a platform for the AIOS proceedings website. Like in 2019 we have uploaded High-Resolution videos which provide more clarity for viewers. The content has been segmented into ICs, FPs, E-Posters, Physical Posters, Film Festival, Invited talks, Hyde Park and Pre-Conference Sessions. For the convenience of the members, speaker wise videos have been uploaded.  The viewers have the option of viewing only a particular topic of interest. Speaker wise filters are available for easy access. Predictive search/autosuggest has been implemented. We have worked on auto-generated tag cloud and related search term. The proceedings team is looking into new ways to provide scientific value to the members of AIOS.

The proceedings website also includes the AIOC 2019 scientific contents as well as the archived contents of 2018 and 2017. These meeting contents are available for you to view and learn.

Many of you have communicated to me appreciating our efforts – Thank you very much.

Mass E-mail Campaign
Mass e-mail campaigns with each e-mail highlighting a segment of the AIOC scientific presentations have been a continuation of a new and innovative concept introduced by the Proceedings wing during the previous term (2017-2019). This has enabled even those who were unable to attend the AIOC meeting to access the rich information presented through their Smart phones and Tablet Devices when they are free or in transit.

Many members have communicated their appreciation for this continued effort from our side.

This has given us enough zeal to work harder and in 2020, we were able to initiate our communications with the AIOS members within a week from the last day of the conference and we intent to disseminate relevant information throughout the year. We have decided to increase the frequency of the e mails to a biweekly format.   In fact, you would already have received more than 80 bi-weekly capsules (as of preparing this report) – including the top selected videos, the Col Rangachari award paper and the BPOSs..

Opening rate of the E-mails ranges from 25% to 60% which is a very impressive number. So I think we have been able to make AIOS Annual Conference Contents reach out to majority of the AIOS Membership.

AIOS Proceedings Book 2020 (Best Papers)
It has been a pleasure to put together the best free papers (PDF format) of the Gurugram AIOC conducted between February 13th and 16th, 2020 in the form of the AIOS Proceedings Book (Best Papers) – 2020. This includes an intense effort trying to collect the un-submitted texts at the annual meeting as well as the missing images and tables in the text.  All BPOS texts are proofread by proof-readers and I would like to thank all the section editors who are tried their best to help us get the proceedings book ready.  This book contains all of the 39 best papers of the sessions (BPOS) this year. All the sections were evaluated by 39 evaluators.

In deference to instructions from the President and Honorary Secretary AIOS, no hard copies of the Proceedings book will be available for the AIOC 2020. This decision was also approved by the Governing Council and the Office bearers of AIOS in line with the AIOS “Go Green” drive, members’ preference for digital resources, need to share resources with other wings of the society and paucity of funds. The soft copy of the AIOS Proceedings book (BPOS) will be available to all AIOS members on the AIOS Website. The texts of the rest of the free papers presented in AIOC 2020 will be available in the website under appropriate category headings adding great value to the post meeting resource content.

I would like to thank the AIOS Governing Council, Office Bearers & Managing Committee members, the AIOS Secretarial staff and staff from Numerotech for their cooperation and help provided enabling me to do a highly enjoyable and successful job. My thanks are also due to the highly cooperative team of AIOS members who did proof reading of the BPOS texts. Thanks are also due to the staff of Chakrabarti Eye Care Centre for helping me out at different points in time.

I would also request you to add  to your address book so that the educational mails from the Editor Proceedings land up directly to your inbox and not to the promotional or spam category. May I also request you to update your current address, e-mail and cell phone number with AIOS by e-mailing to I would also encourage you to pass on this information to your friends and colleagues.

I will be getting in touch with you at frequent intervals for updates.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any queries. Let us all work together to take AIOS to greater heights.

Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Arup Chakrabarti

Last updated on 17th January 2021

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