Community / Social Ophthalmology

[FP8] : Outreach Surgical Eye Camps in North and Central India 2011-2015 : An Experience”

Dr. Vinod Kumar Baranwal, B06219, Dr. (Col) Rajendra Prasad Gupta, Dr. (Maj General) J K S Parihar, Dr. Shikhar Gaur

We report our experiences of successfully conducting twelve surgical outreach eye camps and suggest protocol and strict allegiance to guidelines for the same which have been mired in controversy and disrepute repeatedly due to associated blinding complications

FP1104 : From Awareness to Actual Donation. What More Needs to Be Done

Dr.Bhavana Sharma, S09085, Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Dr. Kavita Kumar, Dr. Sooraj Singh Kubrey

rospective hospital based study,in 554 participants done to assess awareness of eye donation amongst attendants of critically ill and deceased patients,their willingness to donate eyes,efficacy of grief counseling,its impact on the conversion rate &reasons for poor donation.Awareness index in males< 40 yrs was found to be statistically more.

FP1224: Generics in Ophthalmology – An Experience to Share

Dr. Nidhi Pandey, P07183, Dr. Mangilal Garg, Dr. Vijaya Sahu

With increasing emphasis by authorities on prescribing drugs with generic names, this study was done to assess consequences of writing generic ophthalmic prescriptions . Methods Prescriptions were sent across 30 medical stores with 3 eye drops in each prescription using generic names. Results 50 out of the 90 eye drops (55%) dispensed were of the more expensive brands.

FP1243 : Enhancing Reach Through Vision Centres

Dr. Usha R, U08116

Though community comprehensive eye camps have been practised for many years the reach has been significantly low .Alternatively primary eye care centers have been established since 2004 by our tertiary hospital with the objective of providing comprehensive eye examination permanently to a rural population of 60,000 where there is no eye care provider.

FP138 : A Prospective Clinical Study to Find Out Epidemiology of Xerophthalmia in Children

Dr. Deepak Mishra, M12337, Dr.Prashant Bhushan,Dr. Bibhuti Prassan Sinha, Dr.Nilesh Mohan

Xerophthalmia/ dry eye refers to all ocular manifestations ranging from night blindness to corneal melting due to vitamin A deficiency. Recognition of symptoms and signs of Xerophthalmia and prompt treatment according to the International classification is the mainstay of the therapy. Children & pregnant women are primarily at risk

FP142 : A Rare Case of Joubert Syndrome

Dr. Jigna Patel, P16812, Dr. Trivedi Harish Ratilal, Dr. Nilesh V Parekh

Joubert syndrome is Autosomal recessive inherited disorder characterized by hypotonia, ataxia, developmental delay, intellectual disability with distinctive mid-hindbrain malformation, ocular abnormalities (e.g. pigmentary retinopathy, oculomotor apraxia and nystagmus), renal cyst and hepatic fibrosis.

FP1643 : Prevalence of Refractive Errors Among Government School Children of 7-15 Years

Dr. Gajaraj T Naik, Dr. Raghavendra Ramappa, Dr. Varna V Shet, Dr. Meghana Neeralgi

cross sectional study of 7671 school children of 7- 15 years age group in government schools from may 2015 to April 2016.A team of ophthalmologist and refractionist screened the students for defective vision with the help of Snellen’s chart and refractive status by streak retinoscopy. Students with refractive error were prescribed with spectacles.

FP1737 : A Custom Made Logmar Natural Symbol Chart to Measure Visual Acuity in School Children and Illiterates

Dr. Kavitha V,K09541, Ms. Kalla Sailaja

Comparison of visual acuity obtained from a custom made LogMAR symbols chart (Varaha Natural Symbols Chart) for school children, illiterates and literates with results obtained from “E” and Lea symbols chart. Evaluation of requirement for using training cards and comparing it between the charts.