Comprehensive Ophthalmology

FP1216 : Encephalocraniocutaneous Lipomatosis: A Rare Neurocutaneous Syndrome

Dr. Kirti Singh, K04958, Dr. Mainak Bhattacharyya, Dr. Keerti Wali, Dr. Ankush Mutreja

Encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis (ECCL) characterized by profound mental retardation, unilateral temporofrontal lipomatosis, ipsilateral cerebral & leptomeningeal lipomatosis, cerebral malformation, lipomas of skull, eye, heart, connective tissue nevi along with alopecia seen in a 4 day old male child managed as ophthalmia neonatorum on account of bilateral, chemosed red eye at birth.

FP1748 : Compartive Evaluation of Efficacy of Ishihara Test Booklet Over Mlt in Assessement of Colour Vision In Indian Subjects

Dr. (Maj General) J K S Parihar, P03560, Dr. Rakesh Maggon, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mishra, Dr. Jaya Kaushik

2500 subjects of 15 to 25 years age, irrespective of gender biased were evaluated for the status of colour vision perception with the help of Ishihara colour perception test booklet and results were compared with the Martin lantern test to analyze efficacy of both test methods.

FP23 : Tass-Retrospective Study of Five Cases in Same Ot & By Same Surgeon

Dr. R B Goyal, G04911, Dr. Karishma Goyal, Dr.Suresh Pandey

Abstract-It was a retrospective case study. Clinical data of five consecutive cases of TASS were analysed. All cases were post cataract surgery cases.2 cases were caused by residual povidone iodine on instruments,1 by residual formalin on instruments,1 by misuse of distilled water as irrigating solution & 1 by counter current of antibiotics sol via corneo-scleral incision.

FP595 : Extensive Bilateral Ocular Involvement in A Case of Parry Romberg (PR) Syndrome

Dr. Anup Kumar Goswami, G08117, Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Dr. (Col) B L Goswami

A 22-yr-old boy presented with heaviness in right eye(RE) and redness in left eye(LE) for two weeks.Visual acuity was 6/6 RE and 3/60 LE.Torchlight exam showed facial asymmetry with atrophy of left side and deformed left orbit.Left enophthalmos,facial palsy and pseudotosis was present.