Diabetic Retinopathy & Medical Retina

FP1137 : Pre Macular Subhyaloid Haemmorrhage – A Prospective Clinical Study

Dr. Siddharam Janti, J14066, Dr. K. Stephen Sudhakar, Dr. Gnaneswaran Premnath

Long standing premacular subhyaloid hge cause permanent loss of VA as it involves the fovea, Argon green laser posterior hyaloidotomy may be indicated in selected cases.This study investigated the effects of drainage of premacular subhyaloid hge into the vitreous with laser treatment.

FP1641 : Assessment of Macula in A Pregnancy Induced Hypertensive Patient : A Case Report

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Das, Dr. Gogoi Rajendra Nath, Dr. (Mrs) Bhanu Devi, Dr. Shobhana Phukan

A young female of 25 years presented to the OPD with the complains of diminution and blurring of vision for last four days.She was of 5 days post partum period following eventful pregnancy induced hypertension with birth of a healthy baby following caesarean section.

FP182 : Role of Ranibizumab in Various Ocular Disorders

Dr. Pervez Ahmed Siddiqui, S07209

During this study 100 patients suffering from various ocular conditions were considered Material and methods All the patients were administered ranibizumab intravitrealy under aseptic precautions in operation theatre their were 55 patients of diabetic retinopathy , 30 patients of various types of armd and 15 patients of retinal vein occlusion .