External Disease

FP117 : Chronic Ocular Sequelae of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Dr. Rekha B. K. Mudhol, M11445, Dr. Mudhol. Rekha B. K, Dr. A. Vidhyadhar, Dr. Raikar Shreya, Dr. Sequeria Linda Maria GDP

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an immune complex mediated hypersensitivity that involves the skin and mucous membranes. Ocular manifestations include mild to severe involvement of conjunctiva, cornea and eyelids.

FP1366 : Management of External Angular Dermoid.

Dr. Abhiyan Kumar, K09697, Dr. Anita Panda, Dr. Sasikala Nindra Krishna

External angular dermoids of the eye though the commonest site of a dermoid swelling in childrena handful of cases have been.reported so far. Further these are the first documented cases from this part of India.

FP1775 : Pulsatile Proptosis with Multiple Av Malformations (Possibility of Cerebrofacial Arteriovenous Metameric Syndrome) : A Rare

Dr. Ankita Narula, Dr. Ruma Das, Dr. Tshering Wangchuk, Dr. Mohit Ganesh Bharambe

Pulsatile proptosis is a clinical symptom characterized by protrusion and pulsation of the eyeball that can occur due to various causes like carotico-cavernous fistulas, neurofibromatosis type 1, arteriovenous malformation, trauma, arachnoid cyst.

FP585 : Notorious Wing in A Child

Dr. Harshita Sharma, Dr. Susan Dsouza, Dr. Gurudutt Mulky Kamath, Dr. Manjunath Kamath M

Primary pterygium in children is known to be rare. Presenting a 7 year old child with a fleshy growth in right eye .On examination nasal pterygium encroaching on the cornea was noted,vision was normal.