FP110 : Endophthalmitis in Dengu Fever : A Case Report

Dr. Shivanand Bubanale, B11613, Dr. Bubanale SC, Dr. Shreya Raikar, Dr.A. Vidhyadhar, Dr. M. Bharadwaj

Dengue fever is a viral disease epidemic.Mechanisms for ocular manifestations are multifactorial like direct viral infection , humoral and cell mediated immune response and viral  determinants.

FP888 : Bilateral Choroidal Tuberculoma with Abscess in A Patient of Miliary Tuberculosis: A Case Report

Dr. Subodh Lakra, L18260, Dr. Sinha Vidya Bhushan, Dr. SwekshaPriya

Tuberculosis remains major global health burden having both pulmonary and extrapulmonary manifestation.Ocular TB being one of its extrapulmonary forms,is a result of hematogenous dissemination of primary infection.Choroidal mass or Granuloma called tubercles a rare manifestation may devlop in the early stages of inflammation.