Neuro Ophthalmology

FP133 : We Report “Ophthalmic Manifestation in A Case of Posterior Circulation Stroke”

Dr. Saranya Balakrishnan, B18597 Dr.Maneesha Mohan Bellala, Dr. Mahesh Kumar

A 60 year old euglycemic, non-hypertensive male patient presented with headache and blurring of vision both eyes since 1day.On examination patient had unsteady gait ,vertical gaze palsy with intact doll’s eye movement, collier lid retraction sign, light near dissociation ,suggestive of Pretectal syndrome.

FP1371 : A Case of One and Half Syndrome Due to Multiple Sclerosis

Dr.Soundharya S. , S17774, Dr. Parvatha Sundari Natarajan, Dr. S V Chandrakumar, Dr. Hemmanth Raj M

A 35 years old female presented to our OPD with complaints of difficulty in walking for 4 months and seeing double images for 10 days. History of slurring of speech,urinary incontinence present. On examination speech dysarthric,fine touch and pain impaired over right side face and body,right hemiparesis and ataxic gait were present. Cerebellar functions impaired.

FP247 : Ocular Myasthenia – Ice Test and Neostigmine Test Serve the Purpose

Dr.Siddharth Rajendragiri Gosai, Dr. Shreya Shah, Dr. Jayesh D. Modhwadia, Dr. Pritesh Taori

Myasthenia gravis,commonly considered an autoimmune disorder from a pathophysiological basis,lags other disciplines in the evidence base used to make clinical decisions.Ocular myasthenia is of common occurrence.Popularly known tensilon is not available,this small case series shows the efficacy of ice test and neostigmine test in clinical diagnosis of myasthenia.

FP310 : ‘Oculogyric Crisis’ – A Case Report

Dr. Kalary Jayanthi, K17132, Dr. (Mrs) Sumana J Kamath, Dr. Usha Bhanu Kommineni, Dr. Madhurima K Nayak

Oculogyric refers to‘rotation of eyeballs’,one of the dystonic reactions to commonly used drugs,characterised by bilateral dystonic elevation of the eyes for secs to hrs.

FP387 : A Case Report of Congenital Oculomotor Palsy

A. Sahana, Dr. R. Malarvizhi, Dr. M R Chitra

10 year old girl presented with deviation of right eye since birth with no diurnal variation and diplopia.There was no history of trauma or systemic illness. Vision in right eye was 6/36 NIG NIP and left eye was 6/6. A face turn towards left and chin lift was noted .

FP39 : Acquired Optic Nerve Aplasia – A Rare Entity

Dr. Shweta Singh, S11145, Dr.Vijay Bhaisare, Dr. Manushree Gautam, Dr. Vinod Barde

Optic nerve aplasia ( ONA) is a rare developmental anomaly characterized by congenital absence of optic nerve ,retinal blood vessels and retinal ganglion cells. Till date 38 cases of congenital ONA have been reported in literature . Acquired ONA has never been reported.

FP590 : Neuromyelitis Optica : A Case Report. Dr. Mobashir Sarfraz Ali, A17100

Dr. Mobashir Sarfraz Ali, A17100 Dr. Nazia Imam, Dr. Rakhi Kusumesh

A 14 years male presented with progressive DOV of OU (LE for 10 days and RE from morning of presenting day) and pain on movement of LE with history of paraplegia (transverse myelitis) one year back. O/E vision of RE was 6/24 and of LE was PL+ with accurate PR, RAPD in LE, abnormal colour vision and mild blurring of disc margin OU.