FP106 : Mucopolysccharidoses : A Rare Cause for Bilateral Cloudy Cornea

Dr. Jayshri Ekhar, E13969, Dr. Piyush Ashok Madan

There are many different causes for corneal clouding/opacification which include both local ophthalmic causes as well as systemic causes. Mucopolysaccharidosis is a rare cause. So we present a case of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IV, who presented with bilateral corneal clouding and other systemic features of this storage disorder.

FP109 : An Eye on Peters Syndrome

Dr. Chawla Urmil, C06868, Dr. Ashok Kumar Khurana, Dr. Prachi Jain, Dr. Reena Gupta

Congenital corneal staphyloma is rare congenital disorder with keratinized,ectatic cornea protruding anteriorly.Presence of systemic features(cleft palate & VSD)facilitated in it being diagnosed as a clinical variant of Peters anomaly.

FP1109 : A Rare Case of Osseous Choristoma

Dr. Pooja Kumar, Dr. Varshini Shanker, Dr. Deboja Mahashweta, Dr. Nalini Saxena

Choristoma of the eye are common epibulbar and ocular tumours in children, but osseous choristoma of the eye are very rare with few case reports being published in literature. We report one such case.

FP1408 : A Case Report of Collodion Baby

Dr. Soundharya S. , S17774, Dr. Thasneem Suraiya, Dr. S V Chandrakumar, Kavitha

Two days old girl baby born to 2nd degree consanguineously married parent, delivered by emergency LSCS was presented with parchment like skin lesion all over the body.

FP1515 : An Unusual Case of Weill- Marchesani Syndrome

Dr. Basant Khandelwal, K18133, Dr. Varshini Shanker

We present the case of a 10 year old child with Weill-Marchesani syndrome. The clinical diagnosis was made on the basis of the characteristic musculoskeletal features like short stature, broad head, expressionless facies, hypoplastic maxilla, shallow orbits, misaligned teeth and ocular manifestations including bilateral microspherophakia and progressive lenticular myopia.

FP1714 : Fraser Syndrome – Case Report

Dr. Rinita Toppo, T18566, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Dr. Kumari Chandan Murmu

Fraser syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive (AR) disorder with cryptophthalmos, laryngeal, genitourinary ,craniofacial and musculoskeletal anomalies, orofacial clefting ,and mental retardation.