FP155 : Study of Ocular Morbidity in Road Traffic Accidents

Dr. Neha Adlakha, A17734

Road traffic accidents are a gift of urbanization,their sequel can lead to permanent blindness.Ocular morbidity gets overshadowed by other serious neurological and orthopedic injuries.A retrospective study was carried out to highlight this fact.

FP1646 : Ultrasound Biomicroscopic Evaluation of the Traumatized Eyes for Anterior Segment Pathology

Dr. Rajdeep Jain, Dr. Preeti Rawat, Dr. Manushree Gautam, Dr. Nikhila Chandra Jain

Penetrating or blunt trauma can frequently result in anterior segment abnormalities that are difficult to assess owing to corneal opacity , inflammation , hemorrhage,or other disruption of intraocular tissue resulting in poor visualization.UBM can be helpful in assessing the anterior segment in these circumstances.

FP429 : Subconjunctival Emphysema – An Eye Catching Find Following Cricket Ball Injury

Dr. Mukul B. M, Dr. Maneksha V, Dr. Upasana

Subconjunctival emphysema usually is associated with orbital emphysema which occurs after post traumatic creation of a sino- orbital communication.
Here we present a case of a 23 year old male who developed simultaneous subcutaneous, orbital and subconjunctival emphysema in left eye after blowing of nose. He had history of blunt trauma to the left eye with a cricket ball on the same day.