FP1062 : Jra Case Series

Dr. Emma Jayanti Madariya, Dr. S Bala Murugan, Dr. Spurthi G Reddy 

A series of patients with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis was studied with the intent to describe the Demographic, Clinical and Prognostic profile of the ocular manifestations of the disease.

FP1072 : A Puzzling Case of Iris Mass

Dr. Snehal Rajendra Ganatra, G18716, Dr. Mehul Rameshbhai Patel

To highlight role of clinical suspicion of Ocular Tuberculosis in patients with normal investigations.

FP143 : A Case Study of Behcet’s Disease

Dr. Jigna Patel, P16812, Dr. Trivedi Harish Ratilal, Dr. Nilesh V Parekh

Behcet’s disease is chronic relapsing multisystem inflammatory illness characterized by intraocular inflammation, oral and mucosal ulceration, skin lesion, vascular and central nervous system manifestation.

FP1443 : Subretinal Mass Under Investigation

Dr. Divya Patel, P17091, Dr. Rutviben Ravjibhai Sadatia, Dr. Dwivedi Shyamal Kirankumar

52 year healthy female came to our institute with C/O Blurring of vision since two weeks for the left eye.

FP1598 : A Rare Case of Amelanotic Melanoma of Iris

Dr. Jyoti Deswal, D17716, Dr. Neebha Anand, Dr. Reena Gupta, Dr. Ashok Kumar Khurana

A 50 years old male presented with whitish mass (6.5mm x 3mm) in anterior chamber of left eye involving root of iris reaching upto mid periphery from 2 to 5 o’clock.

FP344 : Rickettsial Retinitis – Monotherapy with Doxycyline Only

Dr. Nisha D. S., N17712, Dr. Namita C. Anagol, Dr. Sneha Thapliyal, Dr. Sri Ganesh

Topical & systemic steroids have been proved to control Rickettsial retinitis effectively, but at the cost of side effects.The purpose was to treat rickettsial retinitis with Doxycycline antibiotic alone & avoid steroids

FP421 : Uveitis: A Tough Nut to Crack

Dr. Sujay Chauhan, C17713, Dr. Padmamalini Mahendradas, Dr. Ankush Kawali, Dr. Rohit Shetty

To report challenging cases of uveitis with more than one etiology and their management

FP449 : Ocular Syphilis: Characterizing the Great Masquerader

Dr.Ruchir Mehta, M13882, Dr. Padmamalini Mahendradas, Dr. Ankush Kawali, Dr. Rohit Shetty, Dr. Shetty Bhujang K

To describe the clinical presentation and laboratory diagnosis of patients diagnosed with presumed ocular syphilis at a tertiary referral centre in southern India.