Film Festival


Dr. Tushar Kanti Singh, Dr. Ashok Garg
Dr. Pankaj Rupauliha, Dr. Arvind Jaiswal
Dr. Pavan Shorey

Among the Selected Videos, we are having a special screening of the TOP 15 VIDEOS of the Conference for being judged for the C.S. RESHMI AWARD (Subject to the conditions of the Award). The Presenting author must be present at the time of screening. JUDGES…

VT103 – Triple Trouble

Dr.Sudhir Kumar Parwani, Dr.O.P.Agrawal

On a bad day trouble never comes alone. Even the simplest procedures may land the surgeon into troubles from which it becomes almost difficult to come out. I describe the sequence of events on one such bad day, while operating a simple phaco surgery under peribulbar anesthesia.  The First Trouble: In the initial part of trenching a more than ninety degree zonular dialysis happened. This was managed by converting to extra capsular surgery &after removing the nucleus & cortex the wound was sutured

VT105-A Novel Device to Enhance Surgeon Patient Relationship

Dr. Ayan Mohanta, Dr.Debashis D

High definition live video feed from the operated eye is projected on to the other eye of the patient. This is done with the help of a special thumbnail LCD placed in front of the other eye. This ultimately forms a virtual screen 78 inches diagonally and about 2 metres away from the patient. This is only possible if the patient has a reasonably good vision in the other eye. Initial results are really encouraging, willing patients are really happy, to see the live feed.


Dr.Chekitaan Singh, Dr.Reena Gupta, Dr.Ishwar Singh, Dr.Dhull Chand Singh

Phacoemulsification (phaco) in vascularised corneal opacities is a challenge even for the most seasoned surgeons. We describe a case of successful phaco with IOL implantation in a vascularised macular corneal opacity in a one eyed patient. We begin with peribulbar anaesthesia and creating a conjunctival flap in case a conversion to ECCE or SICS is required intra-op.

VT111 -Diabetic vitrectomies – the way forward

Dr.Debdulal Chakraborty, Dr.Tushar Kanti Sinha, Dr.Boral Subhendu Kumar, Dr.Das Arnab

Advances in technique, instrumentation & knowledge of disease process have allowed repair of more complex diabetic complications. This video showcases how not only simple but complex diabetic vitrectomies can be easily tackled and enable good postoperative vision.

VT112 – VR surgery with anterior segment system : different strokes , similar outcome

Dr.(wing Cdr) Mansur Ali Khan, Dr.Harikrishnan V, Dr.(Brig) Parthasarathi Moulick, Dr.Gurunadh Satyanarayana Velamakanni

Necessity is the mother of invention. Procedural delays in procurement of new vitrectomy machine and mounting pressure of patients in a government set up prompted us to use the 23 gauge cutter of Infinity anterior phacoemulsification system with addition of local made LED endolight light source, 2 speed fish pump with micro pore filter for AFE and 23/20 gauge intra cath for silicon oil injection. The video will demonstrate 3 successful VR surgeries using this modified system in cases of post traumatic RD with dialysis and large tear, Intraocular foreign body removal and dropped nucleus. All surgeries done free of cost to patients.


Dr.Shakun Gupta

This video will show how to do sutureless trabeculectomy. It can be performed alone only in trabeculectomy cases or can be performed with phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

VT116 – Under Air Vitrectomy

Dr.Kushal Umeshbhai Agrawal, Dr.Jay Kumar Chhablani, Dr.Ina Budhiraja

A 71-year old male diabetic patient, presented with non-resolving vitreous haemorrhage under silicon oil of 2 months duration, 1 month post uneventful vitrectomy for ERM with traction on macula and VH.

VT12 – Phacomorphic glaucoma in a case of PHPV

Dr.Bansal R K, Dr.Anugya Agrawal

A north Indian female presented with pain and redness of right eye since 7 days. She was earlier diagnosed as a case of PHPV in both eyes. Left eye she had only light perception and right eye Snellen acuity of 6/24 and was under regular follow up before she presented with pain and redness of right eye.