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Dr.Chekitaan Singh, Dr.Reena Gupta, Dr.Ishwar Singh, Dr.Dhull Chand Singh

Phacoemulsification (phaco) in vascularised corneal opacities is a challenge even for the most seasoned surgeons. We describe a case of successful phaco with IOL implantation in a vascularised macular corneal opacity in a one eyed patient. We begin with peribulbar anaesthesia and creating a conjunctival flap in case a conversion to ECCE or SICS is required intra-op.


Dr.Shakun Gupta

This video will show how to do sutureless trabeculectomy. It can be performed alone only in trabeculectomy cases or can be performed with phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

VT12 – Phacomorphic glaucoma in a case of PHPV

Dr.Bansal R K, Dr.Anugya Agrawal

A north Indian female presented with pain and redness of right eye since 7 days. She was earlier diagnosed as a case of PHPV in both eyes. Left eye she had only light perception and right eye Snellen acuity of 6/24 and was under regular follow up before she presented with pain and redness of right eye.

VT125 – My bumpy ride into the harsh world of white turgid cataract

Dr.Rahil Chaudhary, Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary, Dr.Malik K P S

Capsulorhexis in white turgid cataract presents a challenge for every young ophthalmologist in training. High Intra Lenticular pressure poses difficulty in controlling the capsulorhexis, and can cause the capsulorhexis to radially tear out or in some cases lead to an argentinian flag sign.

VT126-Traumatic Cataract Memoirs

Dr.Manas Nath, Dr.Rengaraj Venkatesh

Traumatic cataracts can pose with medical and surgical challenges to an ophthalmologist. Management becomes complicated by the presence of preoperative zonular dialysis, posterior capsular tear, coexisting trauma to the iris or cornea, and poor visualization. Cataract surgery in such a situation, to give best possible vision for the patient becomes challenging but is not impossible.

VT13 – Single Handed Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr.Satya Karna

A middle aged gentleman presented with a steroid induced cataract in both eyes, following chronic topical steroids for peripheral corneal disease. There was contiguous peripheral corneal thinning in the superior 120 degrees and inferior 120 degrees in both eyes.

VT14 – Cataract surgery in pre existining posterior capsular tear

Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Manmath Kumar Das, Dr.Pradeep Agarwal

Cataract surgery in case of pre -existing posterior capsular tear is difficult ,as there is higher chance of nucleus drop, but if we do cataract extraction without doing hydrodissection is safe in compassion with doing hydrodissection. sics in safe technique in this condition .

VT15 – Oops! I lost my Home

Dr.Shreya Thatte

Success rate of cataract surgery increased with advanced technology. However certain complications do occur. One of them is malposition of IOLs like decentration, papillary capture, PC IOL in AC, Subluxated IOLs, Hanging Iris claw IOL, Optics in AC, haptics in PC, Traumatic sub-conjunctival subluxation of IOL.


Dr.Manoj Vasudevan, Charanya Chendilnathan

A 60 yr female with complaints of le eye pain for 1 year, with similar complaints in the past in be on irregular treatment on&off with multiple ophthalmologists over 2 years. on examination re healed peripheral ulcerative keratitis scars from 9 to 3 o’ clock position, similar active inflammatory process in left eye with corneal thinning seen on slit lamp.

VT161 – Management of adult traumatic total cataract

Dr.Anand Tibdewal, Dr.Shreya Shah, Dr. Ankita mulchandani, Dr.Pramod Kumar Upadhyay

Blindness due to cataract is preventable cause of blindness and is largely emphasized upon in Vision 2020. Neglected traumatic cataract in adults with or without injuries present a great challenge to the ophthalmologist.