FP11 : Nd : Yag Laser for Management of Fluid Filled Descemet Membrane Detachment Following Cataract Surgery

Dr. Harshal Rathi, R15159

Descemet membrane detachment (DMD) is a known complication after cataract surgery. However it is usually noticed intra-operatively or in the early post-operative period. Late onset DMD after cataract surgery is seldom reported.1-3 Here we report a rare case of late onset spontaneous DMD with fluid filled in the space created by the separation, along with its anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) documentation and treatment.

FP666 : Automated Pulse Delivery of Visco in Phaco

Dr. Santosh Agrawal, A05211,
Dr. Santosh Agrawal 

OVD’s have become indispensable tools in protecting corneal endothelium & maintaining adequate space for difficult & delicate intraocular manipulations. No single OVD is ideal to do all the desirable tasks. Hence cohesive & dispersive  OVD’s are used in combination many a times to have ideal surgical enviornment to preclude damage. Still it is noted that repeated injection of OVD’s are required at different stages of surgery through main incision which spend a lot of time enormous amount of OVD’s & many sustain inadvertant damage to intraocular structures while both hands are engaged during phacoemulcification.

FP803: Impact of Intraocular Lens (IOL) Decentration on Visual Quality in Subluxated Cataracts

Dr. Samatha P Shetty, Dr. Mathew Kurian, Dr. Luci Kaweri, Dr. Rohit Shetty

Subluxatedcataractous lens requiring surgery is a common scenario. In these cases, cataract extraction is followed by IOL implantation in the bag with or without capsular tension rings +/- capsular tension segments, scleral fixation, iris fixation or in rare cases placement in the anterior chamber along with anterior vitrectomy.

FP863 : Oxidative stress evaluated as the plasma total antioxidant capacity and aqueous humour ischemia modified albumin levels in patients with senile cataracts

Dr. Sumita Sethi Gulati, S09823, Dr. Varikasuvu Seshadri Reddy,F Dr. Ruchi Dabas, Dr. Navdeep Gupta

To investigate the status of oxidative stress by plasma total antioxidant capacity (TAC) and aqueous humor ischemia modified albumin (IMA) levels in patients with senile cataracts. 63 senile cataract and 50 healthy controls included.

FP904 : New Customised toric IOL using Barrett calculator– to achieve rotational stability, accuracy & patient satisfaction

Dr. Jai Gopal Agrawal, A05995

To compare the outcome, the prediction error, the rotational stability and the patients satisfaction in post operative cataract cases using either conventional toric IOL(Alcon modified –L haptic) calculated by Alcon toric calculator with consideration of Anterior corneal astigmatism only, toric IOL(Alcon/Care) calculated by Barrett toric calculator or customized toric IOL(plate haptic type) calculated by  Barrett toric calculator.