Community / Social Ophthalmology – II

FP1242 : Epidemiology of Ocular Morbidity Among School-Going Children

Dr.Amit Mohan, M11516, Dr. Anita Bisht, Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, Dr. Zeeshan Jami

Visual impairment is a worldwide problem that has a significant socioeconomic impact. There are several disorders that cause substantial impairment of vision but are relatively asymptomatic in very small and even in older children and may thus be missed by the parents. Screening for these disorders which are ‘silent’ in manifestation but for which timely intervention is effective should be specifically identified by Screening Programs.

FP473 : Non-Response To the Invitation To Attend Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment Centre After Screening

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, G10160, Dr. M. Shiraz Ali

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is rated as the most important cause of irreversible blindness, posing a serious public health problemworldwide. It is more relevant in India, as its incidence is growing at such an alarming rate that from 17th position 20 years ago, it has now placed 6th position in the causation of ocular morbidity and blindness. WHO has included DR as one of the priority in India in its Vision 2020 Programme.