Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens

FP12 : Correlation between retinoscopy and monocular & binocular subjective refraction

Dr. Manjunath Natarajan, N18243, Dr. Mona Gautam

This study is an attempt to investigate the effectiveness of Mohindra’s near retinoscopy (M.R) technique. The noteworthy feature of this technique being that the results are close to post-cycloplegic retinoscopy, without using cycloplegic drugs. Thus eliminating the use of cycloplegic drugs & their associated side effects.

FP577 : Auto Refractometer: Unreliable in Calculation of Refractive Error in Children; Retinoscopy is a Must

Dr. Priyanka Raj,R17968, Dr. Alka Jha, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr.Vireshwar Prasad

Comparison of refractive error obtained by auto refractometer and streak retinoscopy in children of age group 06-15 years. Material & Method: A clinic based study to compare refractive error obtained by auto refractometer and dilated retinoscopy after using atropine or homatropine, as required, in 50 children of age group 6-15 years.