FP1630 : Characteristics for Early Predictors of Traumatic Glaucoma After Closed Globe Injury

Dr. Sujana Inampudi, I18220, Dr.Sumita Mohapatra, Dr. Sikha Misra, Dr. Nilamadhab Pradhan

Trauma is a common cause of ocular morbidity .Ocular trauma is usually classified as post blunt or penetrating injuries with Indian data documenting blunt injuries to be responsible for almost 55% cases. Glaucoma onset depends on type of trauma which is concussion (closed globe) or penetrating (Open globe).

FP1735 : A Rare Case of Necrotising Fascitis of Orbit with Burn Injury Following Road Traffic Accident

Dr. Sushma J, J16689, Dr.Mathew Kurishummottil James, Dr. T P Ittyesah Yerah, Dr. E. K. Nedhina

Necrotizing fasciitis is a rapidly progressive devastating infection characterized by fulminant tissue necrosis occurring most frequently in the limbs or abdominal wall. Periorbital location is significantly less common, which is mostly attributable to the rich blood supply to the head and neck (1).

FP786 : Traumatic Hyphema in Sickle Cell Prone Western Odisha Patients :Its Prognosis and Management

Dr. Nilamadhab Pradhan, S16689, Dr. Sumita Mohapatra, Dr.Harshavardhan V K, Dr. Sujana Inampudi

Sickle cell disease is highly prevalent (2-12%) in western odisha districts. According to a statement released by state health department of odisha, out of 5.35 lakhs people suffered by sickle cell hemoglobinopathy(SCH),only 5lakhs belong to the 13 western odisha districts.

FP925 : More Than What Meets the Eye: Delayed Presentation of Orbital Foreign Body – a Case Report

Dr. Siddiqui Sarwat Fatima Khaled, Dr. Akshay Nair, Dr. Shruti Shirwadkar, Dr.Suchit Dadia Dr.Siddiqui Sarwat Fatima Khaled, Dr.Akshay G Nair , Dr.Shruti Shirwadkar , Dr.Chhaya A.Shinde

A 28 year old male presented with a history of trauma to the right eye with a stick after a fight. Visual acuity was recorded at 6/9 OD and 6/6 OS. Pupillary evaluation, intraocular pressures, ocular motility and fundus examination were normal.