Vitreo Retinal Diseases – III

FP398 : Visual Outcome in Persistent Fetal Vasculature After Surgical Intervention and Visual Rehabilitation

Dr. Parth Amardeeep Patil, Dr. Prema K. V. Subramaniam, Dr. Parag K Shah,
Dr. Narendran V

This is a retrospective study from period of 2006-2016 conducted at our institute.Fifteen eyes of 13 patients with PFV were included in the study. In each case the mode of presentation, type of PFV (anterior or posterior), associated ocular findings, preoperative findings, type of surgery performed, visual outcome were noted from the records. Mean follow up was20 months (range two weeks to six years).

FP426 : Clinical Profile of Patients with Morning Glory Syndrome in a Predominantly South Indian Population

Dr. Jayant Kumar,K17257, Dr. Ashish Ahuja, Dr. Naresh Babu K, Dr.Kim Ramasamy

All the presenting features of the18 eyes were noted, some being newly reported . The associations ranged from retinal detachment in 7 eyes to others like microphthalmos, optic disc pit, optic disc coloboma, choroidal coloboma, pulsatile optic disc, choroidal neovascular membrane, altered shape of the globe while systemic associations were were periventricular leucomalacia, delayed milestones with lipodermoid and asthma.