Special Sessions

ACOIN Session

Chairpersons : Dr. Anita Panda (Bhubaneswar, Odisha),Dr. B N Gupta (Dhanbad, Jharkhand)Dr. Praveen Vashisht (New Delhi)Moderator : Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Sheikh (J&K))

ACOIN SESSION IN AIOC JAIPUR Community Ophthalmology Update (In Collaboration with SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology) BREAKFAST SESSION WELCOME ADDRESS by Convenor (05mins) : Dr. Satanshu Mathur (Kashipur, Uttarakhand) PREAMBLE (02min) : Dr. Swapan K. Samanta (East Midnapur, West Bengal) INTRODUCTION : Dr. B N R…

Aflibercept ( EYLEA ) – New Anti-VEGF in the Market

Chairman : Dr. Suber Huang,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Palimar Prasad,
Convenor : Dr. Lalit Verma,
Co-Convenor : Dr. Raja Narayanan,
Moderator : Dr. Shobhit Chawla

Chairman : Dr. Suber Huang Co-Chairman : Dr. Palimar Prasad Convenor : Dr. Lalit Verma Co-Convenor : Dr. Raja Narayanan Moderator : Dr. Shobhit Chawla Keynote Speakers 1 IPCL – Implantation Procedure and Outcomes Dr. D Ramamurthy 2 My First hand Experience with Bio Engineered…

AIOS 2017: Surgical Skills Transfer Course ( SSTC )

Chairpersons : Dr. Satanshu Mathur
, Dr. Deepak Mishra

Chairpersons : Dr. Satanshu Mathur : Dr. Deepak Mishra SSTC COURSES Basic/ Advanced Phaco Punctal Plugs Anterior Vitrectomy  Toric IOL Marking & Measuring Phakic / Iris Fixed IOLs Ahmed Valve In Glaucoma Botox & Fillers Core Virectomy Aesthetics Corneal Cross Linking Intacs/ Ferrara Rings SICS…

AIOS-WSPOS Symposium

Chairpersons : Dr. Santhan Gopal
Dr. Kanwal ( Ken ) Nischal

Chairpersons : Dr. Santhan Gopal Dr. Kanwal ( Ken ) Nischal 1 Neural Basis of Amblyopia ( 15 Mins ) Dr. Santhan Gopal 2 I Cannot Forget This Complication ( 10 Mins ) Dr. Ken K Nischal 3 Pediatric Cataract Surgery -Special Circumstances ( 15 Mins )…

ARC AIOS Young Researchers Award Session PG Thesis Competition 2017

Chairman : Dr. Rajeev Choudhary,
Co-Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami,
Convenor : Dr. B J Goswami,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

Chairman : Dr. Rajeev Choudhary, Co-Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami, Convenor : Dr. B J Goswami, Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas JUDGES: Dr. Guru Prasad Ayachit, Dr. Gobindo Mukherjee, Dr . K P S Mallik, Dr. Rajiv Raman, Dr. ShreyaThatte, Dr. Krishna Das, Dr….

ARC-AIOS –Young Ophthalmologist Forum

Chairman : Dr. Quresh Maskati,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Ashis Bhattacharya,
Convener : Dr. B N Gupta,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

The YOUNG in Ophthalmology Face Tough Challenges. Each of These Young, Energeticmen and Women in Ophthalmology Aspire to Be the BEST! This Forum Brings Together Internationally Famed Teachers of Ophthalmology, Program Directors and Leaders in Ophthalmology to Give Our Youngsters a Rare Treat! This Forum…

Beyond IOP in Glaucoma : Role of Ocular Blood Flow in Diagnosis and Management

Chairperson : Dr. Harsh Kumar,
Moderator : Dr. Murali Ariga,
Panellists : Dr. Alon Harris, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Ganesh Raman, Dr. Sagarika Patyal

Chairperson : Dr. Harsh Kumar Moderator : Dr. Murali Ariga Panellists : Dr. Alon Harris, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Ganesh Raman, Dr. Sagarika Patyal The current management goals for glaucoma aims at maintaining a target Intraocular Pressure (IOP). However, in many cases, glaucoma progression occurs despite…

BEYOND OPHTHALMOLOGY – Day-1 How to Publish a Paper Focus on Research Methodology ( FORM )

Chairman  :  Dr. Ruchi GoelCo-Chairman  :  Dr. S NatarajanConvenor  :  Dr. Vinod AggarwalCo-Convenor  :  Dr. Neha GoelModerator  :  Dr. Radhika Krishanan

      Chairman  :  Dr. Ruchi Goel Co-Chairman  :  Dr. S Natarajan Convenor  :  Dr. Vinod Aggarwal Co-Convenor  :  Dr. Neha Goel Moderator  :  Dr. Radhika Krishanan Synopsis: Research irrefutably adds to the prestige and command amongst peers. Inspite of active involve- ment in…

BEYOND OPHTHALMOLOGY – Day-1 Legal Aspects in Ophthalmology

Chairman     :   Dr. Deshpande A ACoChairman  :  Dr. Nirmal FredrickConvenor  :  Dr. Pankaj VarshaneyCo-Convenor  :  Dr. Ashok MehtaModerator  :  Dr. Boramani Jagannath

        Chairman     :   Dr. Deshpande A A Co-Chairman  :  Dr. Nirmal Fredrick Convenor  :  Dr. Pankaj Varshaney Co-Convenor  :  Dr. Ashok Mehta Moderator  :  Dr. Boramani Jagannath 1 Introduction to Law and Medical Practice : Dr. Pankaj Varshney 2…

BEYOND OPHTHALMOLOGY – Day-2 How to Build Modern Eye Hospital NABH & E-NABH

Chairman  :  Dr. Ashok GroverCo-Chairman  :  Dr. Pattnaik NabinConvenor  :  Dr. Nirmal FredrickCo-Convenor  :  Dr. Jaswant ArnejaModerator  :  Dr. Samina Zamindar

    Chairman  :  Dr. Ashok Grover Co-Chairman  :  Dr. Pattnaik Nabin Convenor  :  Dr. Nirmal Fredrick Co-Convenor  :  Dr. Jaswant Arneja Moderator  :  Dr. Samina Zamindar 1 Planning and designing an eye care facility : Overview 2 Operation Theatre – Planning, Design and Standards…

BEYOND OPHTHALMOLOGY – Day-2 Practice Management & MCI Code of Conduct

Chairman  :  Dr. Arun SethiCo-Chairman  :  Dr. Vinod AroraConvenor  :  Dr. Gerald R SchultzCo-Convenor  :  Dr. Prashant AgnihotriModerator  :  Dr. Reena Sethi

  Chairman  :  Dr. Arun Sethi Co-Chairman  :  Dr. Vinod Arora Convenor  :  Dr. Gerald R Schultz Co-Convenor  :  Dr. Prashant Agnihotri Moderator  :  Dr. Reena Sethi 1 Managing a Modern Ophthalmic Practice : Pearls and Perils. : Dr. Reena Sethi 2 Differentiating Your Ophthalmic…

BEYOND OPHTHALMOLOGY – Day-3 Running Successful Practice

Chairman  :  Dr. Anuradha ToteyCo-Chairman  :  Dr. Vinod AroraConvenor  :  Dr. Tejas ShahCo-Convenor  :  Dr. Satanshu MathurModerator  :  Dr. Anuradha Totey

             Chairman  :  Dr. Anuradha Totey Co-Chairman  :  Dr. Vinod Arora Convenor  :  Dr. Tejas Shah Co-Convenor  :  Dr. Satanshu Mathur Moderator  :  Dr. Anuradha Totey 1 How to Use Online Marketing for Increasing your Practice : Mr Samir Kalia…


POST LUNCH SESSIONS – Near Registration Area   Date : 16-02-2017 Time : 14:00 – 14:55 Reminisces of AIOS : A Walk Down the Memory Lane : AIOS Members   Date : 16-02-2017 Time : 15:00 – 15:55 Designing Your Own Nutrition Blueprint : Aditi…


Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami ,Co-Chairman : Dr. Subhra Kinkor Goswami, Convenor : Dr. Salil Kumar / Dr. Ratan Kumar K., Co-Convenor : Dr. Arun Baweja, Moderator : Dr. Kamal Kapur

Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami Co-Chairman : Dr. Subhra Kinkor Goswami Convenor : Dr. Salil Kumar / Dr. Ratan Kumar K. Co-Convenor : Dr. Arun Baweja Moderator : Dr. Kamal Kapur 1 Phaco in Small Pupil Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu 2 Converting to Direct Chop Dr. Chinnapa 3 Aspheric…

Concluding Session for LDP

Chairman : Dr. S Natarajan,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu, Convenor : Dr. Preetam Samant,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

The Concluding Session of the LDP is an Exposure to the Leadership World of Ophthalmology. A Year that Has Been, the LDP Program Has Opened Up the Individual Ophthalmologist to See a Vision BEYOND THE ORDINARY. It Has Been a Period of Realization of an…


Chairman : Dr. Ashok Sharma,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Sharadini Vyas,
Convenor : Dr. Prateek Gujjar, o-Convenor : Dr. Sayan Basu,
Moderator : Dr. Chirag Mittal

Chairman : Dr. Ashok Sharma Co-Chairman : Dr. Sharadini Vyas Convenor :  Dr. Prateek Gujjar Co-Convenor  : Dr. Sayan Basu Moderator  :  Dr. Chirag Mittal 1 Truth of refractive surgery – Keratometric map Dr. Alpa Atul 2 Scheimpflug imaging : an emerging imaging tool Dr….

Cornea Society of India ( CSI )

Chairman : Dr. Quresh Maskati,Co-Chairman : Dr. Samar Basak, Convenor : Dr. Namarata Sharma,Co-Convenor : Dr. Himanshu Matalia, Moderator : Dr. Rajesh Fogla

Chairman : Dr. Quresh Maskati Co-Chairman : Dr. Samar Basak Convenor : Dr. Namarata Sharma Co-Convenor : Dr. Himanshu Matalia Moderator : Dr. Rajesh Fogla 1 Basic Principles of Managing Infective Keratitis Dr. Nikhil Gokhlae 2 Acute chemical / thermal injury – management Dr. Paras…

Court Martial in Ophthalmology ( Young Turks on Trial )

SUPREME JUDGEDr. T P Lahane, Dr. D RamamurthyHONORABLE JURY MEMBERSDr. Keiki Mehta, Dr. Debasish Bhattacharya, Dr. Amar Agarwal,Dr. Mahipal Sachdev, Dr. Quresh Maskati, Dr. Lalit Verma, Dr. Sri Ganesh

This Court Martial in Ophthalmology brings on stage a panorama of Scientific Challenges faced by sur- geons in Ophthalmology and discusses the intense decision making involved and its outcome. THE STAGE: A COURT ROOM in session comprising of the Honorable Supreme Judge, Nine Honorable Jury…

Delhi Retinal Forum ( DRF )-Common Myths in Medical Retina : Practical Tips for Comprehensive Ophthalmologists

Chairman : Dr. Deepender V Singh
Co-Chairman : Dr. Ritesh Narula
Convenor : Dr. Daraius Shroff
Co-Convenor : Dr. S P Chaudhary, Moderator : Dr. Shashank Rai Gupta / Dr Rajeev Jain

Chairman : Dr. Deepender V Singh Co-Chairman : Dr. Ritesh Narula Convenor : Dr. Daraius Shroff Co-Convenor : Dr. S P Chaudhary Moderator : Dr. Shashank Rai Gupta / Dr Rajeev Jain Practical Case Scenario Based Interaction A. WHAT TO DO WHEN… 1. You Suspect…

Drugs in Eye Disease

Chairman : Dr. Apjit KaurCo-Chairman : Dr. Rishi PukhrajConvenor    : Dr. Vinay GuptaCo-Convenor : Dr. Sudershan SridharanModerator  :  Dr. Kirti Singh

 Chairman : Dr. Apjit Kaur Co-Chairman : Dr. Rishi Pukhraj Convenor    : Dr. Vinay Gupta Co-Convenor : Dr. Sudershan Sridharan Moderator  :  Dr. Kirti Singh 1 Drug Abuse in Ocular disease. : Dr. Apjit Kaur 2 Anti glaucoma medication – What, When & Why…

Dry Eye 2017 Symposium ( The Dark Side of the Moon )

Chairman : Dr. Rishi Mohan,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Mukesh Taneja,
Moderator : Dr. Rohit Shetty,

Chairman : Dr. Rishi Mohan Co-Chairman : Dr. Mukesh Taneja Moderator : Dr. Rohit Shetty Dry Eye Disease (DED) is one of the most frequently encountered ocular morbidities. Twenty-five percent of patients who visit ophthalmic clinics report symptoms of Dry Eye, making it a growing…