ARC / LDP Sessions

ARC AIOS Young Researchers Award Session PG Thesis Competition 2017

Chairman : Dr. Rajeev Choudhary,
Co-Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami,
Convenor : Dr. B J Goswami,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

Chairman : Dr. Rajeev Choudhary, Co-Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami, Convenor : Dr. B J Goswami, Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas JUDGES: Dr. Guru Prasad Ayachit, Dr. Gobindo Mukherjee, Dr . K P S Mallik, Dr. Rajiv Raman, Dr. ShreyaThatte, Dr. Krishna Das, Dr….

ARC-AIOS –Young Ophthalmologist Forum

Chairman : Dr. Quresh Maskati,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Ashis Bhattacharya,
Convener : Dr. B N Gupta,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

The YOUNG in Ophthalmology Face Tough Challenges. Each of These Young, Energeticmen and Women in Ophthalmology Aspire to Be the BEST! This Forum Brings Together Internationally Famed Teachers of Ophthalmology, Program Directors and Leaders in Ophthalmology to Give Our Youngsters a Rare Treat! This Forum…

Concluding Session for LDP

Chairman : Dr. S Natarajan,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu, Convenor : Dr. Preetam Samant,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

The Concluding Session of the LDP is an Exposure to the Leadership World of Ophthalmology. A Year that Has Been, the LDP Program Has Opened Up the Individual Ophthalmologist to See a Vision BEYOND THE ORDINARY. It Has Been a Period of Realization of an…

Initiation Session of LDP

Chairman : Dr. Ashok Grover,
Co-Chairman : Dr. S Natarajan,
Convenor : Dr. M Vanathi,
Moderator : Dr. Partha Biswas.

The Program Covers Philosophy, Principles and Practice of Leadership to Provide Both Orientation and Skill Development to Future Leaders of State, Subspecialty and Specialized Interest Societies. The Goal is to Identify Individuals with the Potential to Become Leaders in Ophthalmology, Provide Orientation and Skills to…

Think Under the Apple Tree

Dr. P K Mathur, Dr. Soosan Jacob
Dr. Kasturi Bhattacharjee, Dr. Quresh Maskati, Dr. Suhas. Haldipurkar
Dr. Chee Soon Phaik,Dr. Jyotirmoy Biswas ,Dr. Rohit Shetty

This is a session for our Young Minds in Ophthalmology, inspiring them to THINK BEYOND the clinical scenario of our day to day practice in Ophthalmology. Think under the Apple Tree–the Annual Program brings alive a competition of Academics and Innovation of the FIVE ARC…