National Symposium

Infections of Eye

Chairman : Dr. D Ramamurthy,
Co Chairman : Dr. Atul umar,Convenor : Dr. M.S. Ravindra, Co-Convenor : Dr. S. Sasikumar, Moderator : Dr. Rajiv Sukumar

Chairman : Dr. D Ramamurthy Co Chairman : Dr. Atul Kumar Convenor : Dr. M.S. Ravindra Co-Convenor : Dr. S. Sasikumar Moderator : Dr. Rajiv Sukumar Infections of the eye is a disastrous complication that can completely reverse the results of a well performed surgery.In…

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Chairman : Dr. Santhan Gopal, Co Chairman : Dr. Sudarshan Khokhar, Convenor : Dr. Anand Vinekar, Co-Convenor : Dr. Anil Mandal, Moderator : Dr. Subhadra Jalali

Chairman : Dr. Santhan Gopal Co Chairman : Dr. Sudarshan Khokhar Convenor : Dr. Anand Vinekar Co-Convenor : Dr. Anil Mandal Moderator : Dr. Subhadra Jalali 1 Retinopathy of Prematurity after the Supreme Court Decision : What Every Ophthalmologist Should know ? ( 10 min…