Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami ,Co-Chairman : Dr. Subhra Kinkor Goswami, Convenor : Dr. Salil Kumar / Dr. Ratan Kumar K., Co-Convenor : Dr. Arun Baweja, Moderator : Dr. Kamal Kapur

Chairman : Dr. G S Dhami Co-Chairman : Dr. Subhra Kinkor Goswami Convenor : Dr. Salil Kumar / Dr. Ratan Kumar K. Co-Convenor : Dr. Arun Baweja Moderator : Dr. Kamal Kapur 1 Phaco in Small Pupil Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu 2 Converting to Direct Chop Dr. Chinnapa 3 Aspheric…


Chairman : Dr. Ashok Sharma,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Sharadini Vyas,
Convenor : Dr. Prateek Gujjar, o-Convenor : Dr. Sayan Basu,
Moderator : Dr. Chirag Mittal

Chairman : Dr. Ashok Sharma Co-Chairman : Dr. Sharadini Vyas Convenor :  Dr. Prateek Gujjar Co-Convenor  : Dr. Sayan Basu Moderator  :  Dr. Chirag Mittal 1 Truth of refractive surgery – Keratometric map Dr. Alpa Atul 2 Scheimpflug imaging : an emerging imaging tool Dr….


Chairman : Dr. Gursatinder Singh / Dr. Sharad Lakhotia ,Co-Chairman : Dr. Swaraj Bhattacharjee .Convenor : Dr. Sanjay Kumar Daulat Thakur, Co-Convenor : Dr. Amitava Biswas, Moderator : Dr. Jyothi Shetty

Chairman : Dr. Gursatinder Singh / Dr. Sharad Lakhotia Co-Chairman : Dr. Swaraj Bhattacharjee Convenor : Dr. Sanjay Kumar Daulat Thakur Co-Convenor : Dr. Amitava Biswas Moderator : Dr. Jyothi Shetty 1 Genetics of Glaucoma Dr. Sanjay Kumar Daulat Thakur 2 Common Mistaks in Diagnosis…

Phaco Misadventures – New Lessons Learnt

Dr. Arup Chakrabarti

This video-based Masterclass deals with genesis, management & prevention of unexpected surgeon/ tech- nique-related complications in  hacoemulsification (PE) in uncomplicated cataracts. Masterclass will demon- strate complications encountered during all steps of PE (uncomplicated/ difficult cataracts) & will offer a stepwise strategy to prevent & manage them

Post Operative Surprises after Phaco

Dr. Himanshu Rasiklal Mehta

Despite an uneventful, Clean and express Phaco-emulsification Cataract surgery, there is a possibility of unexpected and unpleasant surprises. There may be issues with cornea or anterior chamber. IOP may be either high or very low.

Rafting in the Rapids: Phaco Basic to Advanced

Dr. Amit Porwal

Phacoemulsification is the Surgery of Choice For Cataract Extraction in the Current Millennium. Many Sur- geons Want to Master This Technique But Main Hurdles to Start Are Reluctance to Change For the Fear of Committing Complications

Refractive Surgery

Chairman : Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu,
Co-Chairman : Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy,
Convenor : Dr. Ravijit Singh, Co-Convenor : Dr. B S Bhaura, Moderator : Dr. Anand Parthasarathy

Chairman : Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu Co-Chairman  : Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy Convenor : Dr. Ravijit Singh Co-Convenor : Dr. B S Bhaura Moderator  : Dr. Anand Parthasarathy 1 Femto Lasik : the way to go Dr. Vinod Arora 2 Femto Lasik : Complications and Management…


Chairman : Dr. Atul Kumar, Co-Chairman : Dr. K S Kumar, Convenor : Dr. Nishikant Borse, Co-Convenor : Dr. Vivek Som, Moderator : Dr. Pooja Sinha

Chairman : Dr. Atul Kumar Co-Chairman : Dr. K S Kumar Convenor : Dr. Nishikant Borse Co-Convenor : Dr. Vivek Som Moderator :  Dr. Pooja Sinha 1 Surgery For Complex RD Cases Dr. Sharad Bhamoj 2 Bimanual Techniques in Diabetic Vitrectomy Dr. Jayanto Shekhar Guha…

Secondary Glaucoma: Diagnosis & Management

Dr. Bibhuti Prassan Sinha

Objective: the Objective of This Course is to Make the Attendees Identify,Diagnose and Understand the Pathology & Treatment Modalities Based on the Underlying Mechanism by the End of This Instruction Course.

Stretching the Limit of Femtosecond Laser

Chairpersons: Dr. Sundaramoorthy Selva Kalianna, Dr. Rajiv Choudhary

Refractive Surgery Technology Has Undergone Dramatic and Rapid Advancements of Innovation in Last Few Years. The Latest Innovation Especially Femtosecond Laser Offers New Possibilities in the Field of Minimally Invasive Corneal Surgery.

The Explantibles

Dr. Cyres Keiki Mehta

Just Imagine Dealing with the Following Scenarios; IOL Power Calculation Went Wrong! This Patient is Left with Significant Ametropia and Cannot
Undergo Lasik Due to a Thin Cornea

The Lull Before the Storm

Dr. Kumar J Doctor, Dr. Swapna Nair

Dr. Kumar J Doctor, Dr. Swapna Nair The course is an advanced video Instruction Course about the toughest case done by the course instructors in last 1 year. All tough cases are made to look easy like Phaco in difficult situations like Chemosis, a typical…