VAST Session

VAST Session ( Oculoplasty )

Dr. A K Grover,Dr. Milind Naik,Dr. Santosh Honavar,Dr. E R Mohan

Aim of VAST Sessions is to show Videos and Teach – Without any ppt presentation: by Showing & Emphasizing key steps of the Surgery / Procedure in detail– so that we are able to show All the Steps & Help the delegates Learn / Improve…

VAST Session ( Retina )

Dr. Gopal Pillai, Dr. Subhendu Boral,Dr. Vishal Agarwal,Dr. Raju Sampangi, Dr. Tinku Bali

Dr. Gopal Pillai Dr. Subhendu Boral Dr. Vishal Agarwal Dr. Raju Sampangi Dr. Tinku Bali session video

VAST Session ( Squint )

Dr. Pradeep Sharma,Dr. Leila Mohan,
Dr. Santhan Gopal,Dr. Rohit Saxena,
Dr. Subhash Dadeya,

Dr. Pradeep Sharma Dr. Leila Mohan Dr. Santhan Gopal Dr. Rohit Saxena Dr. Subhash Dadeya session video