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VT179 – Symmetric Scaffold, Stable IOL

Dr.Shail, Dr.Vandana C Nath, Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant, Dr.Viraj Abhayakumar Vasavada

Dr.Shail, Dr.Vandana C Nath, Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant, Dr.Viraj Abhayakumar Vasavada Managing vitreous in posterior capsule rupture(PCR)is a challenge to cataract surgeon.Despite adequate vitreous management,often intraocular lens(IOL) stability is not perfect.This film highlights value of performing a symmetric anterior vitreous face removal,creating a symmetric scaffold for…

VT215-Eyelid-Sparing Orbital Exenteration

Dr.Santosh G Honavar, Dr. Raksha rao, Mr.Chalamala Jangaiah, Gangadhar Jalli

Orbital exenteration is often performed as a life-saving measure for eyelid, ocular surface and intraocular tumors with orbital extension, and for primary orbital tumors or infections such as mucormycosis where conservative treatment is not feasible. Following orbital exenteration

VT233 – Retinal Detachment Associated with Giant Retinal Tears: An Overview

Dr.Aditya Kapoor, Dr.Vivek Dave

Introduction A Giant Retinal Tear (GRT) is a retinal break that extends around the retina for three or more clock hours. Method This video demonstrates the management of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with Giant Retinal Tear in different clinical scenarios. Results The surgical management of GRT as presented here highlights the use of perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL), confluent endolaser, posterior virteous detachment (PVD) induction, vitreous staining with triamcinolone acetonide and covers how GRT can be differentiated from retinal dialysis. Conclusion This video provides comprehensive educational experience in management of one of the most challenging situation in retinal surgery.

VT26-Terminal Chop: New Technique for Full Thickness Nuclear Segmentation in Hard Mature Cataracts

Dr.Rajendra Prasad

Proper nuclear segmentation shapes the further steps of phaco.cataract surgery. Full thickness division of nucleus becomes more challenging in hard mature cataract. Several techniques have been defined and compared for chopping nucleus in hard mature cataract, but still many surgeons report difficulty with full thickness division of hard leathery nucleus.

VT70-Procedural Tips towards Operation Theatre Asepsis

Dr.RAJIV SUKUMARAN, Dr.S Sasikumar, Dr.Chandrasekhar D

In the last decade our understanding of Hospital Infection control practices is changing and our protocols are being modified towards Good Operation Theatre Asepsis. This Video demonstrates various procedures involving Hand Hygiene, OT cleaning, Gowning and Gloving, Table preparations, safe handling of Instruments etc. It will demonstrate graphical videos of Dos and Don’t’s. This presentation aims at clearly showing preferred practice pattern to achieve Optimal Operation Theatre Asepsis.