Current Concepts in the Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Management of NAION

Chairperson : Dr. Rohit Saxena

1 Introduction to the Session and the Speakers (5 mins ) Dr. Rohit Saxena
2 NAION – Description of the Condition and History of the Clinical
Studies Conducted to Date. ( 25 mins )
Dr. Prem S. Subramanian
3 QRK007 NAION Phase 1 Study – Discussion of the Results ( 15 mins ) Dr. Sharon Klier
Panel Discussion Dr. Kamal Kapur
4 Q & A Session – NAION and its Treatment Challenges (15 mins) Dr Rohit Saxena

session video

Beyond IOP in Glaucoma : Role of Ocular Blood Flow in Diagnosis and Management
Lunch Time Symposium: Sponsored by KLB

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