Dry Eye 2017 Symposium ( The Dark Side of the Moon )

Chairman : Dr. Rishi Mohan

Co-Chairman : Dr. Mukesh Taneja

Moderator : Dr. Rohit Shetty

Dry Eye Disease (DED) is one of the most frequently encountered ocular morbidities. Twenty-five percent of patients who visit ophthalmic clinics report symptoms of Dry Eye, making it a growing public health problem and one of the most common conditions seen by eye care practitioners. The diagnosis and management of DED is surfacing with many dilemmas. Moreover, the treatment strategies in patients with normal tear metrics is challenging. This symposium aims to address these concerns in a clinical and cell biology and advance imaging perspective. This session is in an attempt to unravel the Dark Side of Moon in Dry Eye Disease for every clinician. Clinical case based discussion will be witnessed in this session handouts containing updated research articles and information on DED will be distributed in the Session.

1 Setting Up an ‘Ideal’ Dry Eye Clinic Dr. Himanshu Matalia
2 What, When & Where: Use of Tear Substitute Eye Drops Dr. Rishi Swaroop
3  Ocular Surface & Systemic Diseases Dr. Namrata Sharma
4 Vitamins & Omega Fatty Acids: Myth, Fiction or Reality Dr. Natasha Pahuja
5 Tears & Refractive Surgery: Out of Box Understanding  Dr. Rohit Shetty
( All Talks are for 6 min Followed by 2 min Discussion )
Problem Based Leaning Cases:
1  Plugs For All or None Dr. Mukesh Taneja
2 What’s Biting My Nerves Dr. Rashmi Deshmukh
3 Pre Op Surgery Subjective Ocular Inflammation
Discomfort Scoring: NOISE Score
 Dr. Neha Shilpy
( Each Talk 5 min )

session video

Target Emmetropia The Nidek Way
Innovation in IOL Technology

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