FP1009 : Macular Edema with Vitritis As Presenting Feature of Ocular Tuberculosis

Dr. Nupur Sharma, S18935, Dr. Prabhu Shanker M., Dr. Rushita R Kamdar, Dr. Neeraj Shah

Purpose:To describe an atypical,infrequent presentation of ocular tuberculosis.

Methods: Retrospective observational case report describing a 22-year-old woman who presented with complaint of distorted vision in both eyes. Anterior segment revealed no abnormalities, fundus examination revealed grade 2 vitreous cells and macular edema in both eyes. OCT and FFA was done to confirm the diagnosis.

Results: Diagnosis of probable underlying tuberculosis with macular edema as the only ocular manifestation was established based on a clinical examination, OCT, FFA findings along with positive Mantoux reaction and Quantiferon TB- GOLD test. Patient was started on oral Anti-tuberculosis treatment for nine months and low dose oral steroids for 3 months. Cystoid macular edema was reduced and visual acuity improved(20/40) by 7 months follow-up.

Conclusion: In cases of idiopathic cystoid macular edema,tuberculosis should be considered as a potential cause. When treated appropriately, both are curable.

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