FP1041 : Comparative Study of Rnfl Thickness in Defined Study Groups By OCT

Dr. Jyoti Garhwal, Dr. Sapna Baweja, Dr. Anju Kochar

ABSTRACT: Comparative analysis of RNFL thickness in glaucoma suspect, established COAG patients and normal subjects to detect early anatomical changes in RNFL before the physiological visual field loss occurs.
Analysis was done with help of spectral domain OCT. Mean RNFL thickness was significantly less in both eyes of glaucoma patients than in normal subjects (p value=0.0001). Statistically significant difference was present in all the quadrants in both groups except temporal quadrant of left eye. RNFL thinning was greatest in superior and inferior quadrant. Statistically significant difference noted (p value≤ 0.05) in RNFL thickness in all quadrants between glaucoma suspect and established glaucoma group. To conclude, possibility of RNFL thinning could be expected in early preperimetric glaucoma and it’s evaluation by OCT may prove to be a useful ancillary technique in future.




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