FP1062 : Jra Case Series

Dr. Emma Jayanti Madariya, Dr. S Bala Murugan, Dr. Spurthi G Reddy 

PURPOSE : A series of patients with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis was studied with the intent to describe the Demographic, Clinical and Prognostic profile of the ocular manifestations of the disease.

METHODS : The data of 5 patients who presented to us with uveitis due to JRA was analyzed .

RESULTS : The mean age was 14 years old, 80% were females,100% had pauciarticular type JRA , 80% had non granulomatous anterior uveitis,20% panuveitis,20% posterior scleritis. All were treated with oral corticosteroids, 100% needed immunomodulator therapy .100% had complications due to uveitis, being complicated cataract, resistant CME, secondary glaucoma. Final Mean BCVA was 6/9. The duration of follow up was 7 to 36 months.

DISCUSSION : Uveitis in JRA had a female predominance, was more common in pauciarticular type. All of them had eventually some complication and Aggressive immonomodulator therapy resulting in the control of the inflammation. The visual prognosis was good.

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FP242 : Cataract Surgery in Eyes of Patients with Uveitis: Our Experience
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