FP1071 : Analysis of Risk Factors for Developing Phacomorphic Glaucoma

Dr. Nishakiran Bhujiya, Dr. Rakesh Shakya, Dr. Dhananjay Giri

Aim-To evaluate risk factors for developing phacomorphic glaucoma in mature cataract eyes

Methods-A case control study,41 eyes of phacomorphic glaucoma and 41 control eyes with mature cataract were included.Axial length(AL) and anterior chamber depth(ACD) were evaluated by A-scan.ACD of contraletral eye is used as pre-phacomorphic state in phacomorphic eyes.

Results – Mean IOP are 40.73±11.49mmhg and 14.34±2.89mm hg in phacomorphic and control eyes respectively.Mean AL & ACD were less in phacomorphic eyes[AL22.63±1.06mm & ACD2.64±0.47 than control [AL23.05±1.21mm & ACD3.13±0.35mm].(AL p<0.000,ACD p<0.001)

Conclusion- AL& ACD both were risk factor for phacomorphic glaucoma.

FP346 : Outcome of Combined Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery – Trabeculectomy and Trabeculectomy

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