FP1072 : A Puzzling Case of Iris Mass

Dr. Snehal Rajendra Ganatra, G18716, Dr. Mehul Rameshbhai Patel

Purpose: To highlight role of clinical suspicion of Ocular Tuberculosis in patients with normal investigations.

Methods: The following examinations and investigations were done- Slit lamp examination- Fundus examination- Visual aquity- Investigations ( CBC , ESR , Montoux test , Chest x-ray , QuantiFERON-TB Gold test)- Ultrasound Biomicroscopy(UBM)

Results: 59 year old female patient presented with visual aquity of 6/9 (OD) and 6/36 (OS). Elsewhere diagnosed as OS iridocyclitis , but did not improve with topical and systemic steroid given for 20days. On UBM we found OS iris mass. Investigations were within normal limits. Yet, we started the patient on anti-tuberculous treatment. After One month Iris mass reduced in size as seen on UBM.

Conclusion :  We concluded that, ocular tuberculosis can have rare clinical presentations, which should be kept in mind. Clinical diagnosis in such cases is more important than actual diagnosis of tuberculosis to start patient on treatment.

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