FP1093 : Ologen Collagen Matrix Implant in Glaucoma with Uveitis with Temporal Trabeculectomy

Dr. Dhull Chand Singh, D02958, Dr. Manisha Rathi, Dr. Sumit Sachdeva, Dr. Nikunj Bhatt

A 66 year old lady presented with pseudophakia and recurrent attacks of glaucoma with uveitis in the left eye. She was on 4 topical anti-glaucoma drugs, her IOP was 22 mmHg. After an informed consent, peribulbar block was given. SR suture was applied, a temporal fornix based conjunctival flap was made. A triangular scleral flap was raised, the AC was entered with a 3.0mm keratome. Air was injected in the AC, a trabeculectomy done. The scleral flap was sutured. An Ologen implant was placed 4mm from the apex of the trabeculectomy flap, under the conjunctive. The conjunctiva was sutured at the limbus. On the first post-op day, IOP was 4mmHg, air bubble was in the AC. After 10 days, the IOP was 12 mmHg, vision was 6/12. After 12 weeks, the IOP was 14 mmHg, the vision was 6/6 with -1.25 DS and -1.25cyl at 90 degrees. Thus the Ologen implant is useful in a case of uveitis with glaucoma, allows a better filtration in trabeculectomy, and can be seen even after 3 months of surgery.


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