FP1103 : Evaluation of Anterior Chamber Angle By Ultrasound Biomicroscopy and Gonioscopy in Glaucoma Patients

Dr. Shoaib Arshad, Dr. Shashi Jain (Agarwal), Dr. Sujata Lakhtakia, Dr. Eva Tirkey

Purpose – comparison of anterior chamber angle measurements using ultrasound biomicroscopy(UBM) and gonioscopy.

Methods – Hundred subjects were evaluated for grading of angle width by the Shaffer method. UBM was done in the same group to document angle width,angle opening distance(AOD 500),and anterior chamber depth. Biometric parameters were documented in all subjects.UBM and gonioscopy findings were compared.

Results – a study was conducted in 62 men and 38 women.Gonioscopic grading was used to segregate occludable(grades 1 and 2) from nonoccludable (grades 3 and 4) angles. UBM parameters in eyes with occludable angles were significantly lower in comparison with eyes with nonoccludable angles. AOD 500 correlated well with angle width.

Conclusions – we concluded that clinical segregation into occludable and non occludable angles by an experienced observer using gonioscopy is fairly accurate. However,UBM is required for objective quantification of angles,and AOD 500 can be a reliable paramet



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