FP1105 : Inner Circle Rnfl Measured Around the Bruchs Membrane Opening and Percentile Loss in Poag

Dr. Roshani Ramteke, R16517, Dr. Tina Agrawal, Dr. Neha Khanna, Dr. Nangia Vinay Kumar B

Introduction: It was the purpose to determine the percentile values of remaining RNFL measured around the Bruchs membrane opening in subjects with POAG to identify early segmental damage.

Methods: 102 eyes of 51 POAG subjects were included (17 females). The mean age was 59.36+13.1 yrs. 78 eyes were on antiglaucoma medications. The BCVA was 0.69+0.29 DU.

Results: The percentile of RNFL remaining for different segments was: nasosuperior was 17.9+24.7( range 1.00-96.00), nasal 15.5+21.85 ( range 1.00-97.00), nasoinferior 18.38 +27.64 ( range 1.00-97.00), temporoinferior 7.21+17.9 ( range 1.00-99.00), temporal 16.53+26.28, ( range 1.00-99.00) temporosuperior 9.37+15.89 (range 1.00-99.00)

Conclusion: The number of subjects in the < 1 percentile was 76 for the temporoinferior segment and then for the temporosuperior segment at 43. This is an indication, that damage in the TI segment sets in earlier that this segment is likely to be the most damaged in a given subject.



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