FP1114 : Trauma and The Pressure Crisis : A Case Series Report

Dr. Akanksha Koul, Dr. Sarma Prafulla

Ocular trauma is an emerging problem with increasing incidence. In this light very few reports of post traumatic glaucoma have been found in literature.

PURPOSE: To study the profile of secondary glaucoma after trauma.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this retrospective analysis, we report a case series of 25 consecutive patients diagnosed with traumatic glaucoma who presented to our institute over a period of 1 year.

RESULTS: Out of 25 patients the mean age was found to be 37.55 years. Most common reported mode of injury was with a wooden stick in 6/25 patients. Presenting vision was recorded and 9/25 patients were found to be in the range of CF 3m to 6/60. 20% of cases (5/25) had associated corneal edema and lens subluxation whereas 28% had hyphema. Baseline IOP recorded was found to have a mean of 39.04 mm of Hg at presentation.

Angle recession was noted in 44% of cases. Trabeculectomy was done in 14 out of 25 cases. Finally 7/25(28%) patients did not achieve IOP control.

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