FP1139 : Unilateral Acute Idiopathic Maculopathy (UAIM) Mimicking Vogt Koyanagi Harada’s Disease (VKH)

Dr. Venkateshwar Ravisankar, R15478, Dr. Madhu Manjari, Dr. Manoj Khatri, Dr. Mohan Rajan

A 31 year old male presented with complaints of sudden dimness of vision, central scotoma in OS for 4 days. OD VA was 6/6 and was within normal limits. OS UCVA was CF at 3m improving to 6/12.There was a large whitish multiloculated serous detachment over the macula with intermittent flame shaped hemorrhages in OS. With these presenting features,differentials like VKH, Posterior scleritis & CSC were considered. FFA, OCT & B- scan favoured a diagnosis of VKH/UAIM. As the patient had only posterior pole involvement along with fuzzy leakages on FFA supported by literature search, we came to diagnosis of UAIM. This diagnosis was made with clinical features closely mimicking CSC differentials & more importantly with angiographic features that are characteristic of this condition. The diagnosis is important to save patient from extensive systemic workup and unnecessary treatment which can be detrimental to more common CSC. Thus we present this case for its diagnostic importance & rarity.

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