FP1149 : To Correlate Between Blood Pressure, Mean Ocular Perfusion Pressure and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Dr. Hemalatha, Dr. H Niveditha, Dr. Sundeep

A total 50 Primary hypertensives above 40years of age with 30male,20female were included.Ocular examination and blood pressure recordings(BP)done.IOP and BP were average of 3 values and IOP was highest of two eyes.Mean ocular perfusion pressure(MOPP=2/3MEAN ARTERIAL PRESSURE-IOP) calculated.Gonioscopy and visual fields done if IOP>20mm of Hg or Cup disc ratio>0.5 or asymmetry >0.2.RESULTS-64%had systolic BP between140-160mm of Hg with average IOP 18mm of Hg.All patient’s had diastolic BP between 80-100mm of Hg with average IOP 17.5mm of Hg.12%not on antihypertensive drugs.For every 5mm of Hg MOPP decline,1.5mm of Hg rise in average IOP seen.4%diagnosed as POAG with lowest MOPP and were on antihypertensives.MOPP of untreated patients were low but notglaucomatous.
CONCLUSION-High systolic BP in hypertensives is associated with high IOP.Lower the MOPP higher the chances of glaucomatous changes.Nocturnal Antihypertensive dosing might cause low MOPP leading to glaucomatous changes.

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