FP1157 : Evaluation of Glaucoma Suspects By Frequency Doubling Technology and Standard Automated Perimetry

Dr. Prachi Grover, G16675, Dr. Rakesh Shakya, Dr. Dhananjay Giri, Dr. Sharad Dogney

AIM-To compare visual fields by Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) and Standard Automated Perimetry(SAP) in Glaucoma Suspects.

METHODS-Prospective case-control study,50eyes of Glaucoma suspects compared to 50normal eyes.All underwent FDT and SAP.

RESULTS-Significant difference found in Mean deviation(MD) of FDT&SAP in suspects(p<0.001)& normal (p=0.063).MD significantly correlated in suspects (r=0.519;p<0.001),not in normal (r=0.216;p=0.131).Significant difference in Pattern standard deviation(PSD) of FDT&SAP in suspects(p=0.001)& normal(p=0.001).PSD significantly correlated in suspects(r=0.367;p=0.009),not in normal (r=0.236;p=0.171).Mean of normal test locations was higher in FDT than SAP in suspects and normal but not statistically significant.CONCLUSION-FDT can be used for detection of early glaucoma & as an alternative to SAP.


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