FP1167 : Safety and Efficacy of Phacoemulsification on Angle Closure Glaucoma Eyes with Functioning Filter

Dr.Keerti Wali, Dr. Kirti Singh, Dr. Mainak Bhattacharyya, Dr. Ankush Mutreja

Purpose: Evaluate safety and efficacy of phacoemulsification on filtered PACG eyes. Methods: 35 PACG eyes with functional bleb and significant cataract were subjected to phacoemulsification. Bleb function (IOP and antiglaucoma medications), visual outcome, change in ACD and gonioscopic angle grading were evaluated over 4 month period. Results: Reduction in IOP was highly significant [p=0.000] with no requirement of postoperative antiglaucoma medications. Mean visual acuity increase was 5 Snellen lines with 13 cases achieving ≥6/12. Gonioscopically documented angle widening and biometric AC deepening were highly significant. Surgical complications were floppy iris (23%), need for iris retractors and synechiolysis (11%), PCR, zonular dialysis, IOLdecentration, CME and malignant glaucoma (1 each). Conclusion: Phacoemulsification in filtered ACG significantly improves IOP control, however is more challenging.


FP1105 : Inner Circle Rnfl Measured Around the Bruchs Membrane Opening and Percentile Loss in Poag

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