FP1184 : Ocular Surface Disorder in Patients on Glaucoma Therapy

Dr. Minu Ramakrishnan, R09624, Dr. Nitin Saini

Introduction: Glaucoma is mainly treated by topical medications. These medications though their primary action is to lower the intraocular pressure, but they do interact with the ocular surface when instilled in the eye.

Methodology: We conducted a study of 54 glaucoma patients, over a period of one year, on one or more topical medication, to find out the prevalence of ocular surface disorder in these patients. Patients were evaluated using the OSDI questionnaire, TBUT test and Schirmer’s test.

Results: Our study found that 59% of the patients on glaucoma topical therapy had evidence of OSD. The incidence increased as the number of topical drugs were increased.

Conclusion: OSD is a common morbidity in these patients which is often overlooked

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