FP124 : Case Report of Post- Operative Nocardial Endophthalmitis

Dr. Venkata Krishna G, G17889, Dr. Vivekanand U, Dr. Prasanthi Nalluri

A case report of 50 yr old indian women who while undergoing routine cataract surgery had complication of nucleus drop which was treated promptly by a retinal surgeon with PPV + SFIOL implantation. Following the surgery, she developed signs of anterior segment infection. An early diagnosis of Nocardial endophthalmitis was made based on pus culture-sensitivity report. Inspite of appropriate treatment, the patient has shown no improvement and the the eye finally became phthisical. Nocardial endophthalmitis is of rare occurence and usually have a very serous course. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of essence in any case of endophthalmitis and especially in Nocardial endophthlamitis.

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