FP1355 : Outcomes of Bilateral Trabeculectomy

Dr. Foram Jitendra Desai, D18711, Dr. George Ronnie J, Dr. Shantha Balekudaru

Aim: To analyse outcomes of bilateral trabeculectomy&factors influencing them.

Methods:A retrospective study of 334eyes of 167patients who underwent bilateral trabeculectomy with fellow eye being operated within 2months of 1st was conducted.

Results:Majority of patients had Steroid induced glaucoma(23.95%)&POAG(25.14%).Pre-op Intraocular pressure (IOP) of 1st eye(35.16±13.27mmHg) was higher than 2nd eye(33.80±12.29mmHg)(p=0.02)The mean 6week post-op IOP of 2nd eye(12.25±6.08mmHg) was higher than 1st (11.14±4.67mmHg)(p=0.01).Failure rate was higher in 2nd eye(22.15%)than first(17.96%).Complications were higher(6.58%)in 1st eye than 2nd(4.79%).Bilaterally similar complications(2.39%)were seen in younger age(16.5yrs).Maximum failure rate(32.35%)was seen in JOAG.

Conclusion: Outcomes of trabeculectomy are similar in both eyes when operated within a short interval. Complications also tend to follow a similar pattern.The 2nd eye has fewer complications than the 1st but poorer IOP control.

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