FP1377 : Comparison of Iop & Visual Field Indices in Subjects Undergoing Trabeculectomy and Combined Surgery

Dr. Ajinkya Kulkarni, K17668, Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar, Dr. (Mrs) Dhamankar R R, Dr. Vijay Shetty

Purpose: To compare pre and post-op IOP and visual field indices in post trabeculectomy(trab) and combined surgery (phaco+trab) cases.

Method: All patients who underwent trab and phaco+trab between 1stJan, 2015 to 31st Dec, 2015 were included. Pre and post-op IOP, VFI and MD on perimetry and post-op no. of 5-fluorouracil (FU)were analyzed.

Results: Mean pre-op IOP was 21.9mmHg. Mean IOP on Day 01,1,3,6,12 months was 15.3 (P<0.001),12.1(P=0.66),12.1 (P>0.99) ,14.2(P<0.001),13.7mmHg(P=0.23) respectively (resp). Median VFI pre-op, post-op 6,12 months was 57%, 64%(P=0.07), 64%(P=0.63) resp. Median MD pre-op, post-op6,12 months was -17.59db(-25.07 to -6.34) , -16.07db(-25.15 to -7.25) (P=0.056) , -16.67db(-24.69 to -6.2)(P=0.95).

Conclusion: Mean IOP reduction in 1 year was 8.2 mm of Hg with 0.18(-0.29 to -0.07) mm of Hg reduction per month postoperatively. Perimetry VFI and MD did not show progression.



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