FP1429 : Correlation Between Onh Changes, Visual Field Defects and Rnfl Changes in Patients with Glaucoma

Dr. Komal Khetwani, K18458, Dr. Preeti Rawat, Dr. Amol Chaudhari, Dr. Nikhila Chandra Jain

OBJECTIVE:To analyze the specificity and clinical value of ONH changes and its correlation with visual field defects and RNFL changes in patients with glaucoma.

MATERIALS AND METHODS:In this cross-sectional,observational,hospital based study,100eyes with a diagnosis of glaucoma underwent ONH evaluation,RNFL thickness and VF testing and data was graded according to level of severity of each parameter.Spearman rank correlation were used to assess the relationship among the three numerical measures.

RESULTS:It showed significant correlation between all the 3 parameters.Our study shows a better correlation between ONH changes and RNFL(r=0.647) than with visual fields(r=0.428).Strongest correlation was found between visual field changes and RNFL loss(r=0.707).Severity of ONH and visual field loss were least correlated.

CONCLUSION:Hence all three methods are complementary and are invaluable and extremely useful in the diagnosis of glaucoma and should be applied in toto for clinical practice.

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