FP143 : A Case Study of Behcet’s Disease

Dr. Jigna Patel, P16812, Dr. Trivedi Harish Ratilal, Dr. Nilesh V Parekh

Behcet’s disease is chronic relapsing multisystem inflammatory illness characterized by intraocular inflammation, oral and mucosal ulceration, skin lesion, vascular and central nervous system manifestation. In our case 41 year old male patient presented with left eye uveitis with vitreous haemorrhage, BE aphakia with posterior synechiae, Best corrected visual acuity in RE 6/36 with +12.0D and LE 6/60 with +10.0D mucocutaneous lesion, mouth ulcer, left scrotal abscess. Pathergy test positive and Mountex test negative.

Aim of our study to diagnosis, increase awareness and management of patient with Behcet’s disease who presented with both eye uveitis, associated with retinal vasculitis; manage it as early as possible to prevent serious complication like impaired visual function. The clinical examination and specific laboratory tests are necessary for early recognition and diagnosis.

Key word: Behcet’s disease, pathergy test.

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