FP1433 : Role of Trypan Blue Dye with Mitomycin C in Trabeculectomy

Dr. Neetu Agarwal, A18419, Dr. Reena Manchanda Choudhry

Purpose: We studied the role of trypan blue dye (0.1%) with 0.2mg/dl Mitomycin C for subconjunctival application in trabeculectomy.

Method: Diluted trypan blue dye (0.1%) was used along with 0.02% MMC for subconjunctival application in trabeculectomy. The mixture was applied to the pretreatment area and contact area was assessed while placing and removing pre wet sponges.

Results: It was observed that trypan blue clearly delineated the MMC treated area. It helped in avoiding contact of MMC at conjunctival edge and it also facilitated in identification of any spillage of MMC in surrounding conjunctiva or cul de sac.

Conclusion: MMC is widely used antimetabolite in trabeculectomy and due to its colourless properties, exact area of its application and spillage cannot be identified. Trypan blue permits delineation of MMC – tissue interaction. It helps guide the beginners learning trabeculectomy regarding the unintended tissue contact of MMC. It also reduces the post of chances of leak due to inadvertent contact of MMC at the conjunctival

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