FP1443 : Subretinal Mass Under Investigation

Dr. Divya Patel, P17091, Dr. Rutviben Ravjibhai Sadatia, Dr. Dwivedi Shyamal Kirankumar

52 year healthy female came to our institute with C/O Blurring of vision since two weeks for the left eye.On examination, BCVA (OD)6/6;N6 ; (OS) 6/9 ;N10.Right eye examination was normal.Left eye anterior segment examination showed minimal signs of non granulomatous uveits.Left eye Posterior segment examination showed vitreous cells,a raised illdefined subretinal mass with adjacent localized exudative retinal detachment sparing fovea.Battery of investigations were done including Mantoux test which were all normal.An exhaustive enquiry revealed past history of pulmonary TB which was treated with ATT 10 years back.We further investigated her with QuantiFERON-TB Gold which was positive.Patient was started on ATT along with oral steroids.1 week and 1month follow up showed complete resolution of the mass lesion with va of 6/6:N6.Thus we conclude that ocular TB can present as subretinal mass without any signs of granulomatous uveitis and negative mantoux test.

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