FP1448 : To Evaluate Patterns of Deterioration in Advanced Glaucoma on 10-2 Humphrey Visual Fields

Dr. Dewang Angmo, A13092, Dr. Ramanjit Sihota, Dr. Dada Tanuj

Records of 1000 patients were evaluated for progression on 10-2 fields. Inclusion criteria-pts who were on regular follow up for 5 yrs, age>18 yrs, no other ocular disease. The following data were noted- Age, sex, diagnosis, 10-2 fields at presentation, 3 and 5yrs or last follow-up and overview analysis for progression. Out of this, 34 patients fulfilled inclusion criteria and complete records of only 30 pts were available. The average age of pts was 65.91±12.87 years. The M:F =28:4. The diagnosis varied with 14/30 pts having PACG, 11/30 having POAG, 2/30 having JOAG, 2/30 having NTG and 1/30 having Steroid induced Glaucoma. The mean baseline mean deviation was -16.97±11.65, which progressed to -20.18±10.31 at last follow-up (p=0.001). The pattern standard deviation at baseline was 11.31±1.92 and at final follow up was 11.01±2.18, p<0.05. 6/16 points progressed in the central 5 degrees. The residual central field in eyes with advanced glaucoma tends to slowly constrict centripetally.


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