FP1474 : A Clinical Study of Various Factors Influencing Intraocular Pressure Measurements Using Nct and Gat

Dr. Shashi Jain (Agarwal), A07000, Dr. Saket Agrawal, Dr. Sujata Lakhtakia

Purpose: Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in world. Various factors influence measurement of IOP such as Blood Pressure, Refractive status of the eye, BMI. The present study was carried out to evaluate role of various factors that influence IOP calculated using NCT and GAT.

Materials and methods: Blood pressure and BMI were measured. Refractive status of eye was evaluated using autorefractor. IOP was calculated using Goldmann applanation and Non contact tonometer. Central corneal thickness was also measured.

Results: Hundred subjects were enrolled in the study. Statistical analysis indicated that IOP had negative correlations with age and refraction, and positive correlations with CCT, systolic BP and BMI. The readings of two instruments did not vary significantly with these factors.

Conclusion:IOP is negatively correlated with age and refraction and positively correlated with CCT, systolic BP and BMI irrespective of the instrument used.


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