FP1491 : Bilateral Neuroretinitis A Clinical Challenge!

Dr. Archana M, Dr. S Bala Murugan, Dr. Josephine Shyamala

PURPOSE: Bilateral neuroretnitis can be of diverse etiology.Focused work up based on history will solve the mystery.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A 36 year old male patient came a history of diminution of vision in both eyes since 20 days. His BCVA was right eye-6/18, left eye-5/60. He was diagnosed with typhoid fever 40 days back. Clinically macular oedema with infiltrates and radiating haemorrhages were noted.It was proven by Optical Coherence Tomogram and retinal angiography.

RESULTS:His baseline blood investigations,chest Xray, brain MRI were normal.We started on oral prednisolone,vitreous tapping PCR showed positive for varicella and M. tuberculosis.Patient vision improved gradually over 45 days to RE-6/6, LE-6/9 and maintained for next 6 months

CONCLUSION:Validity of clinical judgement supersedes investigatory results as bilateral neuroretinitis can occur due to various systemic causes.

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