FP1505 : Comparing Functional Changes in Subjects Undergoing Hfds & Hfds with Cataract

Dr. Ajinkya Kulkarni, K17668, Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar, Dr. (Mrs) Dhamankar R R, Dr. Vijay Shetty

Purpose: To compare functional changes in pre and post op HFDS and HFDS plus cataract (CHFDS) surgery.

Methods: 14 eyes(10 patients) with CHFDS and 10 eyes(8 patients) with HFDS were evaluated for visual field indices (MD, VFI) pre and post surgery 3 & 6 months. The change in visual acuity (VA) post 3 and 6 months were evaluated.

Results: The mean (SD) age was 64.4(6.9) and 56.9(13.2) in CHFDS and HFDS.(P= 0.14). Median logMAR pre was 0.18(0.18-0.3) & 0.3 (0.18-0.6) in CHFDS & in HFDS. Median change in VA between two groups were non significant at 3 (p=.11) and 6 (p=.22) months. Also Median change in MD between two groups were non significant at 3 (p=.98) and 6 (p=.55) months.. At 3month, median change in VFI was non significant ( p=.09) whereas at 6 month , median change in VFI was significant. (p=.04)

Conclusion: Patients undergoing HFDS had better VFI outcome at 6 months compared to CHFDS.



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